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Nestled in an irresistibly quaint Chicago bedroom community with the commuter train station right across the street, the Hinsdale Wine Shop has the unique distinction of specializing in artisanal wines from around the world, yet at competitive prices.  Proprietor Sean Chaudhry has traveled the world, developing personal relationships with winemakers and exporters who specialize in small wineries that still hand-pick grapes and personally tend to the day-to-day management of their craft vineyards.  It’s because of these relationships, he’s able to provide remarkable wines at a remarkable value.

Discerning clientele in suburban Chicago have come to expect a compelling range of inventory that allows them to experience some of the very best wines from winemaking regions across the globe. The shop’s wine club provides heavy hitters like intoxicating Bordeaux and biodynamic Riojas as well as introducing subscribers to some of the newest varietals and wine regions around the world and within the U.S. Since its doors opened in 2003, Hinsdale Wine Shop has established a wide network of quality suppliers, multiple sources of timely industry intelligence, and a fiercely loyal customer base.

About the Village of Hinsdale, Illinois

Like any quaint, bucolic small town that would have played prominently in a feel-good movie from the ‘50s, Hinsdale is that irresistibly charming place where yes, everyone seems to know your name…in a very good way. The Hinsdale train station (located conveniently across from the well-stocked Hinsdale Wine Shop) makes for a great place to visit a variety of locally owned shops and restaurants, where everything is in walking distance.

Located 21 miles west of Chicago, Hinsdale has a population of approximately 17,000 and is a family-friendly, small-business-friendly community with its own range of festivals that make a quick train trip there the perfect diversion for any Chicago visitor’s itinerary or a welcome weekend outing for others in the area.  From the Monday farmer’s market in the summer to the Uniquely Thursday weekly concerts, something

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Our highly trained staff is here to help you select the perfect wine
Sean Chaudhry
Sean Chaudhry
Sean is a local entrepreneur and wine expert. He began his career at GE, getting the chance to...

I was searching for the perfect wine to pair with my anniversary dinner and I am so glad that I chose to shop at Hinsdale Wine Shop. Sean and his staff helped me select a wine that went wonderfully with my meal.

Martin Moore

The selections at Hinsdale Wine shop are amazing and Sean and his staff are absolutely wonderful to work with.

Paula Knight

I went with a friend of mine to Hinsdale Wine Shop for a tasting event and I must say that I had so much fun. I met some great people and tasted some amazing wines. Sean and his staff shared their knowledge of wines with us.

Andrea Hunter
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